Sustainable Onshore Lobster Aquaculture
Sustainable Onshore Lobster Aquaculture

Unravelling the neuropeptide of the ornate spiny lobster (Panulirus ornatus): A focus on peptide hormones and their processing enzymes expressed in the reproductive tissues


Neuropeptides are commonly produced in the neural tissues yet can have effects on far-reaching targets, with varied biological responses. We describe here the neuropeptidome of the ornate spiny lobster, (Panulirus ornatus), a species of emerging importance to closed-system aquaculture, with a focus on peptide hormones produced by the reproductive tissues.
Transcripts for a precursor to one neuropeptide, adipokinetic hormone/corazonin-related peptide (ACP) were identified in high numbers in the sperm duct of adult spiny lobsters suggesting a role for ACP in the reproduction of this species. Neuropeptide production in the sperm duct may be linked with physiological control of spermatophore production in the male, or alternatively may function in signalling to the female.
The enzymes which process nascent neuropeptide precursors into their mature, active forms have seldom been studied in decapods, and never before at the multi-tissue level. We have identified transcripts for multiple members of the proprotein convertase subtisilin/kexin family in the ornate spiny lobster, with some enzymes showing specificity to certain tissues. In addition, other enzyme transcripts involved with neuropeptide processing are identified along with their tissue and life stage expression patterns.


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Glendinning, S., Fitzgibbon, Q.P., Smith, G.G. and Ventura, T., 2023. Unravelling the neuropeptidome of the ornate spiny lobster Panulirus ornatus: A focus on peptide hormones and their processing enzymes expressed in the reproductive tissues. General and Comparative Endocrinology, 332, p.114183.
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Sustainable Onshore Lobster AquacultureSustainable Onshore Lobster Aquaculture
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